Systems Design '90 Class Reunion 2000 Pics

These pictures were taken just outside of the South Campus Hall.
L to R: Celia, David C., Lynda, Kathleen, Mira (Dave's wife) all showing major attention to Lynda's baby (Danny).

Same group as above - what happened to the baby??


SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSteve!!!! Hummmm ... Just not the same effect ...

L to R: Lisa's husband Eric, their baby Adam, Lisa and Chris.

L to R: Jolie (Glen's wife), Kathy (Lloyd's wife), Lloyd, Sven, Lisa's husband Eric, their baby Adam

L to R: Sandra (Jamie's wife), Jolie (Glen's wife), Kathy (Lloyd's wife), Lloyd

Jamie - have a drink on me ...

Sitting L to R: Peter, his baby Hayden, Sven, Sandra (Jamie's wife) with baby Hannah, Jamie, Pino, Lisa's husband Eric, Celia, Lisa with baby Adam, Lynda with baby Danny, Chris

Standing L to R: Glen, Chris (Peter's wife) with Adam, Chris, Lloyd, Steve, Dave, Kathleen, Mira (Dave's wife), Karl, Rose (Karl's wife)

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