Class Reunion Pics

During July, 1995, SD'90 had a bit of a class reunion. Here are some pics. They're not the greatest photos, but it's nice to recognize a face or two again, n'est-ce pas?

Pav, Karen, Julian, Celia - don't ask me what they are doing ...

Steve, Rob

Julian, Celia, Karen

Gil, Pino, Zachary (Zak), Deirdre (BTW, Gil and Deirdre are expecting #2 shortly (dated May 28)).

Sven shooting back

Steve's Place

This is a photo from Fall of 1994 taken at Steve's humble abode.
Front L to R: Chris, his wife Lisa, Kevin
Back L to R: Sven, Steve, Celia, Gil, Deirdre, John, Dave

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