Sending Mail from Home

I've got a userid, but I can't send mail from home

If you get the error message "Relaying denied" when sending mail from your computer at home, you're probably trying to relay your outgoing mail through an on-campus machine, rather than through your Internet Service Provider's outgoing mail (SMTP) server. As is the case with most mail servers in this spam-happy world, campus mail servers will not relay mail from off-site to off-site. That's inconvenient for legitimate off-campus people looking for an easy hookup, but an easy hookup is what spammers are interested in too.

Check your Internet Service Provider's setup documentation to find out the name of their outgoing mail (SMTP) server, and configure your home computer's mailer to use it. You can still specify an on-campus return address, and still read your mail from your on-campus mail server. The only difference is that your outgoing mail will be handled by their machine, rather than rejected by ours.

Some Waterloo area Internet Service Providers and their SMTP servers:
Subscribers to:
Use SMTP server:
Golden Triangle
Information Gateway
Netflash Internet,
Spectrum Global