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Dear Friends,

In just 50 years, the University of Waterloo’s Faculty of Engineering has gone from two tiny classrooms to Canada’s premier engineering school.

Along the way, we have transformed the idea of engineering education in Canada, helped build the region of Waterloo into an economic powerhouse, and made countless lives better through our research and inventions. 

But Canada needs more.  To respond to industry needs for more professionals with specialized training, we’re expanding our graduate program dramatically.  And to keep Canada on the cutting edge, we’re increasing the amount of research that we do, and working harder to bring that research into the public sphere.  And we’re working to make our undergraduate program – already Canada’s best – even stronger. 

Of course, to do all this, we’ll need to hire more of the best faculty.  And to house our growth,we’ll require more space. Our strategic plan, Vision 2010, has given us a blueprint for this work.  By the time we’re finished, Waterloo Engineering will be, hands down, the best engineering school in Canada, and among the best in North America.

Bringing Vision 2010 to reality will require hard work, careful planning – and money.  Through the Vision 2010 Campaign, the Faculty of Engineering plans to raise $120 million.  It’s the largest fundraising campaign in our history.  I invite you to browse our Campaign website and join us in building the engineering school of the future, right here in Waterloo.

Yours sincerely,

Adel Sedra, Dean
Faculty of Engineering
University of Waterloo.