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Engineering February 2005 Report to CNAG
New CNAG Rep
Erick Engelke is currently taking over CNAG duties for Bruce Campbell who has moved to Science.  The temporary reduction in staff has been challenging.
Networked Computer Security
There are a large number of unmanaged or undermanaged computers on campus, including many servers.  This is a huge drain on staff time, and needlessly interrupts or slows reasonable faculty and student activity.  
EC is taking a pro-active approach to increase the security on all Engineering systems by engaging the departments on the topic of security, best practices and future planning.
Wireless - TTTS
The NAA TTTS has had an incredible effect on the reports of wireless overages.  By essentially eliminating overusage complaints, the support headaches of chasing users has also been eliminated, saving us a lot of needless administration time and leaving us with happier users.
The TTTS encourages self-correcting behaviours, users find downloading DVDs doesn't work and they give up doing that, but doing schoolwork is unaffected.  The metaphor is easy to understand, though the name may sound kind of funny.
Someone asked me to explain the ResNet strategy for dealing with network overusage compared to the TTTS.  ResNet resembles a cliff to a lemming, you seem to be able to run full speed, then suddenly you drop and don't know what hit you. 
Wireless Security
We still see quite a few incidents of wireless machines trying to spread virii or otherwise attack campus machines.  We should consider tightening the wireless access in several ways:
Our present NAA subnets don't make sense.  We should consider a different subnet size so that the wireless community can grow without being bound by 245 station limits on each subnet size.  
Overall, the flexibility of the NAA is very important.  We can make suggestions on any aspect and get quick results to deal with problems.  The only change from Engineering's perspective is that we plan to outsource most of our NAA administration to Science.
On Vernier, IST says {DP} Decision now required on whether to keep the Vernier units that are currently here for the "demo" period.  We would only keep those units if we plan to migrate, I haven't seen a CNAG recommendation that the Veriner solution be adopted, presumably we will discuss that at the February or subsequent CNAG meeting.
Architecture is re-joining Engineering.  We will be reviewing networking along with all other issues to make it more consistent with the Engineering model.
Erick Engelke
February 14, 2005