The 2007 Team - Sledgo

The team is traditionally made up of civil engineering students. This years team has a record number of more than 30 members. Our theme and team name is SLEDGO. It reflects construction, team work, and a strong foundation.

This Year's Team:

Management Team

Captain: Shawn R Keeper, Treasurer: Briar Macklin, Sponsorship Director: Patrick Chan, Marketing Director: Jeremy Taylor, Logistics Director: Sarah Anderson, Boggan Burgers Director: Sharon Attwood , Bronwyn Anderson, Arend Lootsma, Jessica Pickel, Andrea Radzikoski, Claire Rutherford, Pemila Tam, Nisha Wellstein, Mary Weston, Andrew Wong

Technical Team

Captain: Geoff Milburn, Liam Butler, Mathieu Cool, Graham Cranston, Steve Dillon, Jon Dixon, Robert Earon, Adam Gilmore, Mike Kocher, Ivan Lee, Kenneth Lee, Simon Marchand, Kevin Moniz, Maryam Moshiri, Paul Paquet, John Priamo, Scottie Ryan, Andrew Solda


The 2006 Team - Water Luggers

The 32nd annual GNCTR was held in Montreal in the first week of February. The University of Waterloo Water Luggers came in third overall!