Ilia Baranov

4A Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics Option

Waterloo University

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  • Excellent report writing ability, co-author of course material for Waterloo
  • Have developed drivers and satellite tracking software for the Canadian Space Agency
  • 5 years experience in Microcontroller programming and interface
  • Experience in development and production of circuit boards using Altium Designer, DxDesigner
  • Experienced with common electrical equipment including, but not limited to: oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, multimeter, pick and place, reflow oven
  • Highly developed presentation and communications abilities, proven by the Sandford Fleming award
  • Self-starter, involved in numerous projects and businesses
  • Proficient in Java, C, C++, and LABVIEW™


VP, Cofounder   Touch Tech Inc., Waterloo, May/2010−Present

  • Designed, assembled, tested and deployed the Apollo Metrics physical authentication system
  • Won combined total of $8,500 at various competitions

Lead Engineer, cofounder   Inwave, Waterloo, Oct/2010−Jul/2011

  • Developed a novel system for ECG monitoring using smartphones

Electrical Contractor   Clearpath Robotics, Kitchener, May/2011−Present

  • Aid in the assembly and testing of Clearpath Robotics circuit boards
  • Finish projects on extremly tight schedules

Robotics Developer   Aeryon Labs Inc, Waterloo, Jan/2011−April/2011

  • Research and development partnership between the University of Waterloo, and Aeryon Labs.
  • Worked on development of the Aeryon Scout, and object avoidance research with the University of Waterloo
  • Developed and tested new Aeryon 10x Zoom video system
  • Gained experience with Mentor Graphics PCB design suite

Mobile Robotics R&D Specialist,   Clearpath Robotics, Kitchener, Sep/2010−Dec/2010

  • Research and development partnership with Clearpath Robotics
  • Early work on intelligent battery system

Mobile Robotics Electronics Specialist,   Clearpath Robotics, Kitchener, May/2010−Sep/2010

  • Lead electrical developer on the new M100 platform
  • PCB Design, Schematic drafting, parts selection, design optimization
  • Robotics electrical systems architecture, integrated mechanical/electrical/software collaboration
  • PCB population, PCB rework, cable fabrication
  • Assembly process optimization, design of inventory system for assembly

TTCS Engineering Co−op,   Canadian Space Agency, Quebec, Jan/2009−April/2009 and Sep/2009−Dec/2009

  • Report written for second term has been converted to Waterloo course material
  • Developed a complete Satellite tracking software package
  • Assembled and tested a mobile satellite communications rack in under two weeks

Ilia Baranov


Candidate for Bachelor of Applied Science, Honors Electrical Engineering with Mechatronics Option, University of Waterloo, ON, Sept. 2008 − present

Relevant Assignment:

Design and Implementation of a Multi-Chemistry Smart Battery System,  Work Term 3, May/2010−Sep/2010

  • Reported on the design and implementation of a State of Charge circuit


  • Reported on Satellite tracking software developed for the Canadian Space Agency
  • Report was also used by the agency as a general introduction for the program
  • Report has recently been adapted into Waterloo course material for SE100

Relevant Courses: Algorithms and Data Structures, Digital Circuits and Systems, Cybernetics and Society


  • Fluent in French, English and Russian
  • Awarded NSERC USRA for development work with Clearpath Robotics
  • Awarded first place in Sandford Fleming Foundation Technical Speaking Competition
  • Have had six terms as class representative for 2013 Electricals
  • Student member of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
  • Completed Grade 8 Vocal, Royal Conservatory of Music
  • Avid developer of hobby robotics systems using the AVR ATMega family of microcontrollers
  • Developed encryption software using photographs as encryption key and storage mechanism

Head of Robotics Club, LSS robotics team, Richmond Hill, On, Nov/2008 − June/2008

  • Lead the team to first place in regional competition
  • Head programmer for the team, developed innovative code for path finding