Intelligent Human-Machine Systems / 3D Imaging Laboratories

We are seeking highly motivated graduate students in the following areas:

3D Imaging - 3D Computer Vision
- 3D imaging, 3D scanning
- 3D computer vision
- vision-based 3D surface measurement
- fringe projection / phase-shifting techniques
- optical system design, optical metrology
- real-time imaging systems

Biomedical Systems and Biomechatronics
(biomedical engineering, systems design engineering, electrical and computer engineering, mechatronics/mechanical engineering,
or relevant experience)
- wearable sensors
- artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning applied to biomedical signal processing
- wearable assistive robotic/orthotic systems, robotic exoskeletons
- aging, technology for older adults/elderly
- intelligent prosthetic and orthotic system design
- design of biomedical sensors/systems
- human gait dynamic stability

- artificial intelligence (AI) / machine learning applied to intelligent robotic systems
- robotic exoskeletons
- human-guided robot learning, task learning, object grasping and manipulation
- human-assistive/service robots
- human-robot interfaces, human-robot interaction

- robot vision, vision-based robot control (visual servoing)
- robot teleoperation

We are commited to equity and inclusion in our lab, and embrace and celebrate diversity in our team. We encourage everyone with relevant interests, experience, and skills to contact us if you wish to join our team::
Please send a detailed curriculum vitae/resumé with details of your relevant interests, experience, skills, and references to Dr. Jonathan Kofman:

Further information for NSERC, MITACS, OGS graduate-student scholarships (postgraduate)::
Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
NSERC postgraduate scholarships
MITACS industrial postgraduate scholarships
Ontario Graduate Scholarship Program (OGS)

If you wish to discuss possible projects, contact me by e-mail or telephone.

Graduate studies and application procedures for studies at Systems Design Engineering, University of Waterloo.

Research by graduate students under Dr. Kofman's co-supervision/supervision has led to graduate student awards (international and national) and employment in our labs following graduation for continuing research and at leaading edge companies.

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