Hello world! I'm Alex, a 4th year undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo in Canada. I study Systems Design Engineering, an engineering discipline that takes a holistic approach to solving problems and has a heavy focus on User-Centered Design.

As a person who loves problem solving (my favourite subject in school was math), and as a person who wants to be in a position to help the world, I love software and technology. I'm genuinely excited for future advancements in technology and I want to be involved in shaping that future.

I'm expected to graduate in April 2014, and I'm planning to work full-time after graduation.

You can find out more about me below!


May ~ Aug. 2013
Flipboard Inc.

University Intern

Palo Alto, CA
  • Building features for Flipboard's advertising platform.

Aug. ~ Dec. 2012

Program Manager Intern

Shanghai, China
  • Owned and released new features for Microsoft's Commerce Management Agent Tool: fraud detection, declined transactions, and O365 authentication flow

Jan. ~ May 2012
AMD(Advanced Micro Devices)

Software Engineering Intern

Markham, Canada
  • Designed and developed several internal tools; most interesting is the Thermal Chamber Scheduling System, an internal tool for booking chamber spaces.


I have some ideas around the topic of personal analytics that I haven't acted upon yet.

Contact me if you are interested in working on a project together.


If I didn't get into engineering, I would probably be studying music!

Gypsy Mario

Minor Swing

I like gypsy jazz and jazz fusion.

Contact me if you are interested in making a band!


May 2013, Palo Alto, CA