Throughout my graduate studies, I've also developed a passion for coffee. With budget equipment such as on-stove moka pot, popcorn maker, and a milk frother stick, I learned

Roast coffee: I learned from a friend that coffee can be roasted using a simple popcorn maker (the hot air type). Roasting green coffee beans from different origins and making your own blend is fun! (try a mix of medium-dark roast of ethiopian yirgacheffe beans and medium roast of brazilian beans)

Latte art: To create latte art, you need first milk microfoam. Usually, a steamer (on an espresso machine) is used to steam milk to a microfoam. But, I learned that this can be done with a simple milk frother. With lots of practice, etching and free-pour latte art can be done. Check out the video below!

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