Winter-safe biking is here! Scroll down to learn more.

Winter-Cycling Features

We've upgraded your winter ride with some smart features that we think you'll find really useful:

The PPC Team

We are three Waterloo Mechatronics Engineering students with a passion for innovative transportation.

Paul McInnis

Mechanical lead

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Peter Macdonald

Electrical lead

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Caleb Yu

Software lead

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Snow and ice can make for scary road conditions, but the Frost-E-Bike is up for the challenge. Stay connected to the ground with our intelligent traction control. The Frost-E-Bike will dynamically apply torque in order to reduce slipping allowing for controlled acceleration. Our anti-lock braking systems will monitor the braking in order to prevent the wheel from locking out. All these controls aid the driver in maintaining control of the vehicle in all road surfaces.

The Frost-E-Bike packs a punch with peak power output of 3kW. Even in freezing winter, the Frost-E-Bike unaffected. While Ice and slush may damage the chain on a normal bicycle, the Frost-E-Bike uses a series hybrid electric drive to resist chain seizures by keeping the chain elements minimized and protected.

Our three-wheeled frame has an ultra low center of gravity and provides a wide wheelbase to maintain stability.

Snow and ice aside, driving in the winter is cold! The Frost-E-Bike protects you from the wind with a front faring. It also provides heating with pogies for your hands and a heating element for your battery.