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Eric Praetzel
On the web since February 1995 (RedHat Linux user since 1997/04 version 4)

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Contact information
E&CE Dept., Davis Bld, 200 University Ave. West Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, N2L 3G1
phone 519-885-1211 ext 5249 or direct 519-888-4567 ext 5249
email praetzel@UWaterloo.ca office: E2-2357

Title: Hardware Specialist / Laboratory Instructor at the University of Waterloo in Electrical & Computer Engineering.

Education: BASc in Electrical Engineering with a smattering of Computer Science, Kinesiology and other courses


I used to mannage the first and 2nd year basic electronics labs ECE 100, ECE 241 and the Photonic Communications (ECE 475, ECE 477) labs.

I am now heavily involved with the digital courses: ECE 223, ECE 222, SE 141
Some of those courses use programmable logic chips (Xilinx & Altera FPGAs, GALs) and I've been involved with that technology since the early 90's.

ECE 222 uses the Motorola Coldfire microprocessor. I used to maintain a web site of information about the Coldfire processor and software.

ECE 223, ECE 324, ECE 327 use programmable logic. Currently ECE 223, 324, 325 and SE 141 all use the Altera DE2 FPGA board.

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