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My research is primarily focused on designing technologies that can enhance collaborative activities. To this end I am interested in investigating the human and social factors of face-to-face and distributed teamwork, and more broadly socialization, and applying this knowledge to the creation of technologies to enhance communication, coordination, interaction, and socialization. My current research focuses on developing both serious and fun applications for digital tabletop systems, such as tabletop systems designed to improve planning and decision-making in the naval operations (i.e. a form of military command and control) and tabletop systems that enable friends and families to gather together to play board games. This application work is aimed at exploring the potential of digital tabletop systems, and large-format interactive displays in general, in a variety of possible application areas. Additionally, I am also interested in more basic research related to digital tabletop systems, such as the impact of table size on collaboration and uncovering what specific benefits digital tabletops can provide over existing technologies for particularly collaborative situations, in order to enable more principled design and more informed technology acquisition decisions.

For more information on my current and past research, my research team, and for an up-to-date list of our publications, please visit my research webpage: The Collaborative Systems Laboratory.

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