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Student Research Openings

Graduate Research Opportunities:

The Collaborative Systems Laboratory at the University of Guelph is seeking strong graduate (Masters or PhD) student candidates for conducting research in the areas of:

  • Interface and interaction design and development for surface computing, or
  • Behavioural investigations of co-locate group work and development of emerging technologies to support co-locate group work.

Research projects will focus on identifying user-centred design requirements and on developing software user interfaces and application software for large-screen, multi-user digital tabletop systems, like the Microsoft Surface, or for systems combining digital tabletops with other interactive display devices (e.g., nearby wall displays, tablets, laptops, etc.). Application development will focus on the following domain areas:

  • Strategic planning, monitoring and control for defence and security,
  • Utility control room operations, or
  • Gaming and new media

Required background:

  • Previous course or work experience in human-computer interaction, human factors, user interface design, or visualization development
  • Strong software development capabilities

Recommended background:

  • Previous course experience in psychology, social psychology, cognitive processes
  • Previous course or work experience in experimental design, statistical analysis, or qualitative data analysis

Interested students should contact Prof. Scott. Serious inquiries only, PhD candidates preferred.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities:

  • Volunteer and part-time paid undergraduate research work is often available on a term-by-term basis.

    • For Undergraduate Research Assistant (URA) positions, please contact Prof. Scott for potential projects as early as possible in the term.
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