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Hamid Alemohammad




  1. Fiber Optic Sensors: Research, Technology, and Applications in Mechanical Sensing, Edited by: Hamid Alemohammad, to be published by Elsevier, 2016.


  1. Optical Fiber Sensor and Methods of Manufacture, US Patent (US 9,2176, 81). [link]
  2. System and Method for Measuring Torque, PCT Patent (WO 2014/012173). [link]
  3. Method and Apparatus for Monitoring and Determinig Energy Storage Device Characteristics Using Fiber Optics, US Patent.

Journal Papers

  1. B. Goodarzy, E. Foroozmehr, H. Alemohammad, “Numerical study of on-fiber metal film geometry on behavior of dual parameter SFBG sensors", Journal of Smart Materials and Structures, vol. 25, 025023, 2016. [link]
  2. M. Keikhaie, J. Akbari, M. Movahhedy, and H. Alemohammad, “Numerical study of material properties, residual stress and crack development in sintered silver nano-layers on silicon substrate”, Scientia Iranica, Transaction on Mechanical Engineering, 2015.
  3. H. Alemohammad, E. Foroozmehr, B. Cotten, and E. Toyserkani,  “A dual -parameter optical fiber sensor for cincurrent strain and temperature measurement: design, fabrication, packaging, and calibration”, IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology, vol. 31, pp. 1198-1204, 2013. [link]
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Book Chapters

  1. H. Alemohammad, E. Toyserkani, “Laser-Assisted Additive Fabrication of Micro-sized Coatings”, in J. Lawrence et al., Advances in Laser Materials Processing Technology, CRC Press, 2010. [link]
  2. H. T. Nia, H. Alemohammad, S. Bagheri, R. H. Khiabani, A. Meghdari, “Design, Dynamic Analysis and Optimization of a Rover for Rescue Operations”, in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, RoboCup 2005: Robot Soccer World Cup IX, Springer, Vol. 4020, pp. 290-300, 2006.

PhD Thesis

  1. Development of Optical Fiber-Based Sensing Devices Using Laser Microfabrication Methods, 2010 [link]

Selected Conference Papers

  1. H. Alemohammad, and M. Shahini, “Active Learning in Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, Case Study: Computer-based Interactive Learning in Robotics Classroom”, to be presented in ASME IMECE 2010.
  2. H. Alemohammad, and E. Toyserkani, “Mechanical and Electrical Properties of Micro-lines Fabricated by Laser-Assisted Maskless Microdeposition”, Proc. ASME IMECE 2008, Boston, MA, November 2008, vol. 6, pp. 11-16.
  3. H. Alemohammad, and E. Toyserkani, “Characterization of Spectral Response of a FBG Sensor Embedded in a Metallic Structure Using Laser Solid Freeform Fabrication”, Proc. ASME IMECE 2006, Chicago, IL, November.
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