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  • Lab 0 will begin on January 17, 2011.

  • Lab#1 is Exp.6.1 | Lab#2 is Exp.6.2 | Lab#3 is Exp.6.4 | Lab#4 is Exp.6.5 in the lab manuals.

  • Lab Timings are Monday to Wednesday from 2:30pm to 5:30pm and the Lab Location is Teahing Lab E5-6005

Welcome to SyDe352 Lab page

:: Course :: Control Systems


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Sign-up sheet in online at
Lab #0
Introduction Lab
Lab #1
System Identification
No Lab
No Lab
Lab #2
Rigid Body PD & PID Control
No Lab
Reading Break
No Lab

Collocated PD with 2 DOF Plant
Read FAQ No.3 before coming to the lab

No Lab
No Lab
Lab #4
Noncollocated PD + Notch filter:  A 'notch filter' (also called a 'narrow band-pass filter' or 'T-notch filter') is a electronic filter typically used when the high frequency and the low frequency are less than 1 to 2 decades apart (that is, the high frequency is less than 10 to 20 times the low frequency).


Lab Report Due Date
The report will be due on the same day following week.
For example if you have done your lab on Monday then your lab report is due on Monday next week.

Lab Report Submission Box:
Please submit your reports in the box slot marked as "352 control systems" sitting between 1303A and 1303B classes in the E2 corridor.

Lab Report Expectations
Includes preparation & grading of Lab Reports (PDF file)

:: Lab Manuals ::

Manual for Model 205 (Torsional)
Model 205 Torsional Control System Manual (PDF file)

Manual for Model 210 (Rectilinear)
Model 210 Rectilinear Control System Manual (PDF file)

:: FAQ's & Parameters List ::

Includes Lab FAQ's and Manual Modifications of
Torsional And Rectilinear Plants:

LAB 1- System Identification
LAB 2- Rigid Body PD & PID Control
LAB 3- Colcated PD with 2 DOF Plant
LAB 4- Noncolocated PD Plus Notch Filter

LAB 4 Tutorial Notes 2003
LAB 4 Tutorial Notes 2002

TA's Recognized Parameter's List 2008
TA's Recognized Parameter's List 2007
TA's Recognized Parameter's List 2006
TA's Recognized Parameter's List 2005
TA's Recognized Parameter's List 2004
TA's Recognized Parameter's List 2003

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Simple explanation of PID Controller
using cruise control example

Web-Based Control SyD & Analysis
Step Response

How Encoder Works
Diff. B/W Stepper, Servo & RC motors

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