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First year

Engineering Streams - Fall 2023

Welcome to UWaterloo Engineering. Most plans are single-streamed, which means there is only one stream for the plan. Four plans are dual-streamed with both 4 and 8-streams.

You can search for your stream using your UWaterloo student ID number.

Students admitted to dual-streamed plans were divided between 4 and 8-stream randomly. As advertised, students admitted to Chemical, Computer, Mechanical, or Mechatronics are able to present their circumstances and request a specific stream by June 1st, 2023. More information on the study-work sequence sequence is provided in the academic calendar.

Single-Stream Plans Dual-Stream Plans
4-stream 8-stream (4 & 8-stream)
Environmental Biomedical Chemical
Geological Civil Computer
Systems Design Management Mechanical
Architectural Nanotechnology Mechatronics
Electrical Software