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Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race (GNCTR) 2006

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The team had a great time, and competed very well this week.  Our final standings are: Best Brake Design, and 3rd Place Overall.  We met a lot of great people from schools across the country, and while we weren't the loudest team there, we were very competitive and sportsman-like (at the closing ceremonies, all teams joined us in the Water-Water-Water Loo-Loo-Loo cheer).  Thank you to everyone for your help and support.  We hope to return next year to the competition in Winnipeg as a non-competing team with this fantastic sled!

History of the Race

The GNCTR began in 1974, as a joint venture between the American Concrete Institute and the University of Alberta.  Since its initiation, the GNCTR has challenged its participants to use creativity, skill, and innovation in the design and construction of a concrete toboggan.  The 32nd annual Great Northern Concrete Toboggan Race will be held in the first week of February 2006 in Montreal.  It is being hosted jointly by Concordia University, Université de Sherbrooke, and École de technologie superiéure.

Concrete toboggans are evaluated on various technical and non-technical aspects including concrete mix design, braking system design, technical exposition, and aesthetics.  To win this competition the sled must be fast, innovative, and original.

Many individuals, businesses, and organizations have enjoyed a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the University of Waterloo.  Sponsorship of the University of Waterloo GNCTR 2006 team will give your company extensive visibility within the Campus community.  Our team is looking for support in any form; financial, material, or service related.  Our current budget is $25,000 to make the trip to Montreal possible.
Funds are required for:
  • Material for testing
  • Creation of prototype
  • Final toboggan construction
  • Promotional material including a display to promote our toboggan at the Technical Exhibition
  • Competition entry fee
  • Transportation
Monetary values will be assigned to all materials and services donated. 

Go to Sponsorship Page for more information on the benefits of sponsoring the Waterlügers


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