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The Team

This year, our team is made up of over 25 civil engineering students. Each member of our team brings a diverse skill set and unique personality to the table. This notion is reflected in our theme for the Waterloo GNCTR 2009 Team: Boggan Bears!

The Goal

In the past, teams from the University of Waterloo have been very successful, winning the event five times since its inception. Our most recent victory was earned in 2008 by Waterloo911!. Our team is determined to bring home the title again in 2009, making it back-to-back championships! This year, our team is looking to take initiative in the fight against climate change, and minimize our ecological footprint. Several ways in which we plan to achieve this include: offsetting carbon generated from our flight, locally sourcing our building materials, and using recycled aggregate and supplementary cementing materials (SCM) in our concrete mix design. The 2007 Waterloo team won the award for their use of Fly Ash (an SCM); a feat we hope to accomplish. For more information on our green initiatives, or if you have any suggestions on how to reduce our ecological footprint, please contact us.

Valerie Pearce
Co-Captain Management

Chad Vanderwoude
Co-Captain Technical

Kenneth Ng
Co-Captain Technical