about us

This is what we do.

One in fifty Americans is affected by some form of physical paralysis.[1] In order to improve the quality of life for patients with afflictions such as hemiplegia post-stroke, eleven:eleven is developing Periphero - a non-invasive wearable device that reinstates real-time motor control of the upper limb. Compared to current solutions, this system does not use external mechanical methods of actuation. Instead, Periphero uses electrical stimulation of pre-existing muscles to elicit desired movements along with positional feedback. The product is seen as a stepping stone to be incorporated into a greater system involving more natural control of upper limb gestures outside of the peripheral nervous system.

eleven:eleven is a team of five undergraduate engineering students with an incredibly diverse background, having expertise aspects from high level robotic systems to biomechanic physiology. Our work experience is substantial, working as designers in the tech industry and researchers within healthcare with exposure to a combined total of 10 years of work experience at 28 different work environments.

Genevieve Serafin Co-founder, Chief Executive Officer

Genevieve is the glue that holds the team together and acts as both a system integrator and project management. With experience in image processing, she helps the team with model building, mechano-electrical integration and facilitating communication with faculty members. When Genevieve grows up, she wants to be a CAD model designer for the world’s cutest dolls and dollhouses.

Jakub Dworakowski Co-founder, Chief Research Officer

Jakub deals with a hardcore part of the system. Ironically, he specializes in software architecture and will be mostly handling the project’s neural network system. Jakub is interested in machine intelligence and is involved in the UWaterloo robotics team. Jakub enjoys the finer things in life, puppies on the internet.

Farzad Niroui Co-founder, Chief Design Officer

Farzad fixes things whenever they need fixing. He is primarily interested in control theory and system integration. As an academic representative for his class, Farzad engages in meetings with faculty members and doing an undergraduate research assistantship. In his free time Farzad can be found working on his photography skills and playing sports.

Leia Shum Co-founder, Chief Science Officer

Leia focuses her studies on a specialization in biomechanics and advises the team on bio-anatomical components. She hopes to lead the project’s biometric aspects and helps with project management as well. Leia can usually be found hiding in a quiet corner playing video games or hissing at attempts to bring her to social gatherings.

Li-Yen Yang Co-founder, Chief Technical Officer

Li-Yen is the mind behind the project’s electrical design. She specializes in DIY electronics, creating prototype and breakout boards that are needed for testing. Li-Yen uses her time to read electronic textbooks or forums whenever she can, or whenever she’s not reading the latest chapter of her favourite manga.

[1] Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation