Ups and Downs of Development.

Posted by Farzad on February 12th, 2016

We had the opportunity to speak with a neurophysiologist, sharing her opinion on our vision for periphero. She talked about her own experience patients with varying plegia and enlightened us on the issues of skin integrity when using electrodes.

On the development side of things, we wrote a program to perform open loop control as well as using the kinect to determine the bicep lift angle. Sadly, we’ve experienced some leakage and haven’t been able to get our multiplexer circuit to work. You can see some mess-ups in the following video:

The video shows us using the mux-demux circuit to switch between the two LEDs. However, when only one LED should be on, the other LED remains on -- although it’s hard to see in the video because the second LED is dim. At the end, we disable the mux/demux but both LEDs remain on. Its likely that the multiplexer is not meant to handle PWM signals. Therefore, we’ll be redesigning our circuitry.