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The figures to the right
show the number of jobs that are:
  • currently printing, or
  • waiting to print
but not the jobs
that are being held in the queue,
waiting to be released.

Click on a printer name to go to the
Release Manager for that print queue.

The Release Manager allows users
to select a print job
and request that it be:

  • released for printing
  • cancelled and removed from the queue
  • held in the print queue, for future handling
Show All Queues Location Jobs
ChE_E6-5022 E6-5022 0 STOPPED
Civil E2-2340 0 OK
CEE_E2-1302 E2-1302 0 OK
HelpDesk_Colour E2-1308A 0 OK
Electrical_2 E2-2360 0 OK
EnvGeo_4thYr DWE-1402 0 OK
Fulcrum E2-1313 0 OK
Gear E5-2108 0 OK
MEng_GradLab E3-1101 0 OK
Helix RCH-108 0 STOPPED
Lever E2-1306 0 STOPPED
ManSci CPH-4335 0 OK
MME_CADLab E2-2354 0 OK
MME_4thYr E3-3112 0 OK
MML_Front CPH-1346 0 STOPPED
MML_Back CPH-1346 0 OK
Pulley CPH-2367 0 STOPPED
SDC1 E5-2001 0 OK
SDC2 E5-2002 0 OK
Systems E5-6007 0 OK
Wedge E2-1302B 0 OK
Weef_Front E2-1310 0 OK
Weef_Back E2-1310 0 STOPPED
Wheel E2-1308 0 STOPPED

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