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This page provides sample work in order to demonstrate abilities in more depth than can be afforded on a resume.

Professional Work

- Low cost LIDAR, Waterloo ECE Symposium 2013 Group 50 Report

- Workterm Report for Clearpath Robotics Smart Battery System

- Co-authored course material for SE100 at Waterloo, based on the SGP4       propagator

- Workterm Report for the IVB SGP4 propagator

- Video (13MB)

        A short video showing the IVB SGP4 propagator in action (not real time)

Self Study

- Technical Presentation Rehersal Recording

        A recording of a rehearsal for the presentation that won the 2010 Stanford Fleming Foundation Technical Speaking Contest.

- Technical Presentation

        The powerpoint used in the presentation

- Hobby robotics system

        A document showing some features of the hobby robot system assembled.

- Photo encryption

        Zip folder containing source code to an encryption program I wrote using photographs as both the key and storage medium.

Work Experience

VP, Cofounder   Touch Tech Inc., Waterloo, May/2010−Present

  • Designed, assembled, tested and deployed the Apollo Metrics physical authentication system
  • Won combined total of $8,500 at various competitions
  • Created unique IP that is currently being defended by a patent firm

Lead Engineer, cofounder   Inwave, Waterloo, Oct/2010−Jul/2011

  • Developed a novel system for ECG monitoring using smartphones

Electrical Contractor   Clearpath Robotics, Kitchener, May/2011−Present

  • Aid in the assembly and testing of Clearpath Robotics circuit boards
  • Finish projects on extremly tight schedules

Robotics Developer   Aeryon Labs Inc, Waterloo, Jan/2011−April/2011

  • Research and development partnership between the University of Waterloo, and Aeryon Labs.
  • Worked on development of the Aeryon Scout, and object avoidance research with the University of Waterloo
  • Developed and tested new Aeryon 10x Zoom video system
  • Gained experience with Mentor Graphics PCB design suite

Mobile Robotics R&D Specialist, Clearpath Robotics, Kitchener, Sep/2010-Dec/2010

  • Research and development partnership with Clearpath Robotics
  • Developed new technologies on a part time basis
  • Technologies developed are held under a IP sharing agreement

Mobile Robotics Electronics Specialist, Clearpath Robotics, Kitchener, May/2010-Sep/2010

  • PCB Design, Schematic drafting, parts selection, design optimization
  • Robotics electrical systems architecture, integrated mechanical/electrical/software collaboration
  • PCB population, PCB rework, cable fabrication
  • Assembly process optimization, design of inventory system for assembly

TTCS Engineering Co-op, Canadian Space Agency, Quebec, Jan/2009-April/2009 and Sep/2009-Dec/2009

  • Developed a complete Satellite tracking software package
  • Assembled and tested a mobile satellite communications rack in under two weeks
  • Was part of Helios 2B launch ground support
  • Was asked to return for a second co-op

Tutor, Private client, Richmond Hill, Ontario, July/2008 – Aug/2008

  • Taught Grade 10 science, further developed communication and teachings abilities
  • Ensured pupil’s understanding with prepared tests and report assignments

Cook, Wimpy’s Diner, Richmond Hill, Ontario, Oct/2007 – Aug/2008

  • Ensured a safe working environment for my co-workers at all times
  • Trained new employees within the company

Volunteer Experience

Technical Stage Manager,Bravo! The Centre for Dance, Richmond Hill, On, June/2007

  • Organized sound and audiovisual presentation for the theatre
  • Provided communication between arts director and technical support staff
  • Provided troubleshooting of onsite presentation equipment and software

Wilderness Field Guide,Camp Outdoor Pursuits/Wilderness Experience, Vaughan, On, July/2006-07

  • Provided Basic first aid and wilderness training along with mentoring younger campers
  • Contributed over 400 hours to training and guiding

List of completed courses

  • 1A) CHE 102, ECE 150, GENE 167, MATH 115, MATH 117, PHYS 115
  • 1B) ECE 100, ECE 104, MSCI 261, MATH 119, PHYS 125, PHIL 100
  • 2A) ECE 209, ECE 223, ECE 250, MATH 211, STV 205
  • 2B) ECE 231, ECE 241, ECE 261
  • 3A) ECE 222, ECE 309, ECE 316, ECE 342, ECE 370
  • 3B) ECE 318, ECE 332, ECE 362, ECE 380, ECE 391, MSCI211
  • 4A) Ongoing

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- Bogoja Trajceski reference letter

- Claire Pigott reference letter

Ilia V Baranov
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