Our design objective is to build a concrete toboggan which will achieve the fastest speed while meeting the limitations outlined in the GNCTR 2000 rules.

To meet our objective we will balance the characteristics required for optimum speed, braking, maneuverability, strength and stability while considering the forces which will be applied to the toboggan. The concrete running surface should be large enough to distribute the load over the snow without sinking in and the weight should be maximized (total weight to be less than 300 lbs.) to increase speed. It's centre of drag should be behind its centre of gravity. The designers must optimize each component for weight and performance characteristics.

Besides the running surface the toboggan will have a steel or alluminum frame and a braking system which will be designed to stop the sled in as short a distance as possible. This is usually done by forcing some sort of device into the snow to create a large drag force. The designer must consider effectiveness of the brake in various snow conditions or even on ice.

The Stone Cold design was completed in July and construction will begin in the fall with test runs being performed at least 28 days before the race.