The Stone Cold team is comprised of Civil Engineering students from the year 2000 graduating class at the University of Waterloo. The team will strive to build a concrete toboggan like no other, building on the innovativeness and sound technical knowledge which has become legendary at the University of Waterloo.  Each team member belongs to atleast one specialized design or marketing group.  The Stone Cold groups are slab design, mix design, frame design, marketing, and artistic design. 

Team Members
Aaron Strick
Adam Agar
Andrea Szentmiklosy
Andrew Mulder
Bartek Makarski
Ben Powell
Chris Phillips
D.J. Swan
Dan Wallace
Dave Punton
Dave Roche
Ginette Lalonde
Greg Barton
Greg Landry
Greg Ropp
Jeff Vanderbrink
Jenny Lo
Kevin Leskiw
Kristin Kusturin
Lin Javier
Martin Haalstra
Matt Hircock
Melissa Verheyden
Mike Baldesarra
Mike Ball
Neil Barrows
Phil Soper
Richard Roth
Scott Hamilton
Scott Tomlinson
Sheri Binsell
Stacey Condie
Steve Bottero
Tahrana Lovlin
Tori de Bokx
Wilson Chung