Smart Orthotics


The Controller

The Smart Orthotics system uses the Arduino MEGA microcontroller to receive sensor data and control the motors.

The Arduino MEGA

The Arduino is connected to 2 H-Bridge motor driver chips to control the motors.


The motor driver uses a power supply and custom-built adapter to power the motors.

Power Supply and Adapter

The Sensors

The sensors are distributed across the shoe to detect how the user's foot is oriented. This involves the placement of large, medium and small force sensors and flex sensors across the arches of the sole.

Small pressure sensor
Medium pressure sensor
Flex sensor

The sensors are placed onto the surface of the shoe as shown below

Sensors on shoe

The sensors are connected to the 2 Analog to Digital Converter to convert the data from the 19 analog sensors to digital serial signal.

Analog to Digital Converter circuit
Second Analog to Digital Converter circuit

The ADC is placed under the board and connected to the arduino to process the signal.

Sensors with Arduino