Smart Orthotics

Mechanical Components and Design

The mechanical components of the system are made up of the shoe, and the platform.

The Shoe

The shoe is designed to be adjusted by the platform. 3 screws beneath the shoe raise and lower key points on the sole. These adjust to compensate for any of the wearer's gait problems.

side view of the shoe
top view of the shoe

The Platform

The platform is designed to connect to the shoe when the wearer places their shoe on top. The motors inside will raise and lower the screws in the shoe to adjust for the wearer's unique gait problems.

view of the platform
another view of the platform
platform from the bottom

The user will place the shoe on the platform in order for it to be adjusted.

Updated models of the platform, shoe, and insole

original model of the shoe and platform together (now has 3 motors)