Smart Orthotics

The Solution: Smart Orthotics

Our Solution

The first fully-automatic self-adjusting dynamic Orthotics system that adapts to your changing foot structure. Using advanced graphical pressure imagery that shows the patient realtime how his foot is applying pressure, the control system obtains feedback information to make instant adjustments to the shape of the orthotics, ultimately leading to the optimal distribution on the patient's foot.

Advanced medicine requires advanced equipment. That's why Smart Orthotics employs state of the art control systems to adapt the sole to your foot! Unlike traditional orthotics that require continual replacement that can run upwards of $500/pair (not insured by most insurance companies), this system will keep up with the changing demands of your foot. The result - the last pair of orthotics you will need to purchase!

Graphical representation of the pressure distribution of the sole of a foot. Copyright Aetrex Worldwide. Used under fair dealing.

An image of the final system inside it's protective case.

Alternative Ideas

Heating Coils

Heating coils deform the memory foam sinking the foot at desired locations to correct foot orientation

Air Bubbles

Air bubbles are spread over the entire area of the insole. Foot posture is modified by deflating/inflating key bubbles

Air Muscles

Air muscles are connected to both ends of an elastic insole. When air is pumped, they contract & bend the insole in desired shape

Advantages of Our Design

  • Does not require constant energization (orientation is maintained through mechanical screws)
  • Robust and durable mechanical design
  • Intuitive and Easy to use Graphical User Interface