Site Changelog

October 29, 2002
Made banner an include. Changed directory structure.
October 28, 2002
Added EFF logo, added ME page
October 27, 2002
Separated blog styles from changelog styles. Updated a whole buncha style issues. Fixed some pesky HTML issues. Got complete HTML 4.01 Transitional Compliance. Moving towards strict compliance. That will be much more difficult. Let's see how it goes :) Fixed the foolishness with the page rendering improperly on NS7.x. Tested on Justin's computer. Looks beautiful. I'm not touching that bit anymore :) IE renders it wrong. Owell. You hear me - OWELL.
[edit]Changed all pages to SHTML. Created two of the menu boxes as server side included menu fragments. Revalidated! Changed all menus to redirect appropriately[/edit]
October 19, 2002
Fixed comments, validated CSS (first step to getting page completely validated). Changed some stuff, need to change CSS and remove warnings. Changed px positionings to be %s. This should fix problems with smaller monitors.

September 29, 2002
Added Anti-DMCA banner. Ah - the magic of CSS - one edit and the menu is changed for all. The only things was I had to copy the HTML for the banner from page to page. I'm sure there's a better way to do that! Must look at more advanced HTML and spruce the look of this site :)
September 26, 2002
Added additional screenshots
September 16, 2002
Moved site from Sympatico account to current location. Its slower (yup). Made sure everything transferred over ok. Added all relevant screenshots.
September 06, 2002
Added the beginnings of a favorites section. I don't like the look, so I'm fairly sure I'll have to rework this to make it suit me!
September 02, 2002
Created a small links page. Ironically, its not been linked to the other pages yet ;-)
September 01, 2002
Ok...I've finally done the split up. Everything looks decent now. Split it up into 4 major sections - the blog, changelog, screenshots and the intro. This gives the site much more room to grow and prevents the occurence of the mile long page syndrome ;-) In addition to that created a floating menu. IE 6 breaks though. Apparently it doesn't support CSS properly COUGHbullsh**COUGH. I should have expected this.
August 28, 2002
I've decided to split this site up a bit. First, the imposing changelog won't be at the top. Secondly, I noticed a lot of personal comments creeping into the changelog. Therefore I'm creating the journal section of the site. When I have a bit of time, I'll split these into separate pages. I've put in an intro at the top. I like the austere look of the site - but I think it could put people off.
August 24, 2002
Hah - thought I was dead? Nope. Just doing other stuff. I've added some graphics created by my sister. Changed the link box color on the side. There wasn't enough contrast. I'm thinking of adding a journal type link here as well - a blog I guess. I put up some (null) shots as well. They look nice! I mean - they look very, very nice - and this is the default. I'm soooo waiting for more apps to get ported to GTK2. I keep counting down the days/months until something else changes over (sad no?). Apps I want to see ported include GAIM (although now I use GnomeICU which is excellent!), Evolution (just thinking about it in GTK2 makes me tingly), Abiword, gFTP (some bugs to be removed), XMMS (please! although Rhythmbox is looking to be a better alternative), GnuCash, Galeon and much much more. Xfree 4.3 is coming out this fall - they're moving faster and faster now! I guess the biggest event that I'm looking forward to is Gnome2.2 coming out (end of January/early February). Oh yeah and work term report (cough cough). Right.
August 10, 2002
Well, I've let this go to seed - but I'm back :) Today's been pretty...interesting. First, I got GARNOME working perfectly (everything builds!). I just had to get the following packages - libxine-dev, libltdl3-dev, libltdl3 and libpspell-dev. Now I can build sinek and totem perfectly... I forgot about the xine dev libs - my bad :( GNOME 2 looks better and better the more I use it :) I'm very happy with where its going. I'm learning a bit more about *nix programming so soon I'll be at a state where I can competently contribute...
August 04, 2002
Ok... I was a little late on the "upload my sister's screenshots" thing. Stuff just cropped in. At any rate - they're here now. She is running Red Hat Limbo w/ no special config required out of the box. The only thing that has changed are tha backgrounds and the panel size. I am waiting for CUPS to be the standard instead of lpr, devfs to be used by default (it really is cleaner to look at!) etc etc. Looking good though - she was impressed :) GNOME 2 integration in Red Hat Limbo is...WOW! I still like Libranet :)
August 03, 2002
Ahem...Well, a 2.5 day wait between the last update of the site. Don't worry - it is being maintained. I am going to put a couple of screenshots from my sister's comp up today. We'll see how that goes. Maybe I can grab a copy of the GNOME 2 GIcu and try it out. What do you think ? :)
July 31, 2002
Ok. Added more screenshots. I'm adding a bit more content each day. That way I'm not caught up with *just* the website. I am waiting for some suggestions with the color scheme. All I can think of is that pink/green/red/blue and white don't go well together. Submitted my page to google. Hopefully within a month I'll be able to do a search and it'll pop up. I have to write my work term report, so that's going to take a big chunk of my time... I'll try and put a plan together. I've been going to work on ~5 (less!) hours of sleep. Today will (I hope) be different. Please excuse any delerium induced errors.
July 30, 2002
Hmm... It's 12:30 AM today and I have to get up @ 5:30. I think this better stop. I have yet to add my two menus to the side. I have to figure out if I can add those menus without using tables. Is this even possible? One hopes so. I will look into it this morning. I'm depressed - for many reasons. Oh well. Jeez. This thing needs a new color scheme. This one is ugly!
July 29, 2002
Hmm... It's 2:00 AM. I have to wake up at 6:15. I'm still not getting padding/margins to work out properly. I'll have to figure this out soon. In addition, I want to add some enhancements - but I'm not sure if tables are the best way to go. At any rate, sleep is required.
July 28, 2002
This is the new incarnation of the site. I am reading the W3C specs on CSS/HTML to assist me. I understand some of the stuff now - its actually quite interesting! In addition, I'm looking at a number of other sites to figure out what I like and learn from them.
July 11, 2002
Took down the site. While it served its immediate purpose, it was in my mind an embarassment. I have a lot of work at the office, a work term report to write, bug reports to submit, emails to reply to - the list goes on. I'll have to find time somewhere. It is discouraging though, if your site doesn't look too good. I'll try again.
July 09, 2002
First incarnation of this site. It is extremely basic and all it contains is a number of links. CSS support barely exists... Am kinda discouraged though about some stuff. Looked through some CSS tutorials - they don't have exactly what I want.

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