Well, GNOME 2 is quite impressive :) If you don't believe me, please take a look at the screenshots page. It's a collection of stuff that I've made over the past couple of months while working on my GNOME desktop!

Wow! Is This How The Linux GUI Looks? I Didn't Know Linux Could Do This!

[chuckles]I'm guessing you don't use Linux :) There's no problem with that - most people aren't aware of the power - or beauty of Linux. This site aims to show you that there is a *softer* side to Linux... Contrary to popular opinion, you do not need to be a hard core geek to use Linux. I was a Windows user (until quite recently) and moved to Linux for numerous reasons. I am able to do all that *I* need to do in Linux well and very productively :) If you want to see even more excellent screenshots, a great place to start is GNOME Support Forum: Screenshots Section. There are a lot of very design savvy, talented users present and some screenshots will simply blow you away!

Well...How Do I Get Linux Then?

You have to obtain a 'distro'. The best one I can recommend is Libranet, a small, Canadian, Debian based distro. It is powerful and built for a desktop user :) The support is excellent and there is a good mailing list and online forum. The users are friendly and you won't have a hard time fitting in. I would urge you to purchase this distro - it is not that expensive and is *well* worth the cash! Linux does cost money to develop and by purchasing, you ensure the continuing development of one of the most vibrant software communities around.

So, I've Seen The Screenshots - But What Is GNOME 2 ?

GNOME 2 is a powerful desktop environment for the Linux operating system. GNOME 2 has been redesigned and a lot of thought has gone into making it a good DE for you the desktop user. It has extremely powerful apps such as The GIMP (Photoshop-like graphics program), Evolution (Outlook-like email application), Galeon (small, light web browser) and more...

Is GNOME 2 Really Ready For The Desktop User?

Depending on who you ask you'll get different answers :) GNOME 2 is a development release. This allows application writers to have something to work towards. However, many users (including me) have moved to GNOME 2 simply because it is that much better! Users like you are the core of GNOME. By using GNOME, submitting any bugs, changes etc. you can improve GNOME and add a voice to the evolution of GNOME. If you are worried about trying GNOME, don't worry, your distribution will soon be releasing packages for you :)

Ok...I Want To Try GNOME - Where Can I Get It?

You can get GNOME 2 From A Number of Sources...

If you have problems and you are a Debian user, you can email me. I am a comparative newbie - but I promise to do my best to help. Alternatively, you could stop by the GNOME Support Forums. Any one of the helpful users there will be happy to assist.

If you're interested in Linux, Libranet or GNOME, you can email me at: georgeal(AT)