I have now stopped updating this site completely. As of April 30, 2003, this site will automatically be redirected to Please visit that site instead. Thanks for your understanding!

To get the best out of this site please use a standards compliant browser. I suggest either Mozilla or Netscape. Please do not use Netscape 4.x. I have tested this site out on Mozilla on Debian GNU/Linux. I know that this site does not display properly on IE - but that is because IE's standards compliance is highly lacking. I do not ever want to maintain two versions of my site - especially when I'm writing standards compliant HTML/CSS already.

The most up-to-date version of this site is available at Keep in mind however, that this version is also considered experimental. I will be testing out new styles, new content and new configurations on this site. As such, it could be broken at odd times.

I hope you enjoy this site as much as I enjoyed creating it!

What Is This Site?

This is my (georgeal/aageorge) personal site. It focuses on what I'm most interested in (GNOME2) and other little things. I have a GNOME 2 page, screenshots, a blog, a links page and some other stuff. This site is actively maintained - so don't be worried about bitrot. At the least the blog will be updated daily. Other stuff I'll get to as soon as the opportunity presents itself.

Most of this site focuses on GNOME2 - make no mistake about that :) I am an ex-Windows user who is now running Debian GNU/Linux. I discovered GNOME 2 some months after I started using Linux and I haven't looked back. A lot of amazing changes have happened in the Linux desktop world since I start using it. Mozilla released it's 1.0 version and soon after added AA code for its Linux builds. Fontconfig was released, bringing hope to millions of Linux users for an integrated font handling mechanism. released their 1.0 version, allowing hundreds of users (like me) to get powerful word processing on Linux and Windows. Finally, and most importantly (to me), GNOME 2 was released. GNOME 2 is a major rewrite of GNOME 1.4 and is improved in every single aspect - especially usability.


Check out the GNOME 2 page for some cool stuff concerning GNOME! could just skip directly to the screenshots section ;-) I know I would...

Present Status

This page is currently hosted on the Engineering Servers at the University of Waterloo. As far as I can tell using Netcraft, this is a Sun box running Apache. This site is written using gEdit (GNOME 2 version) on Debian GNU/Linux. I have made every effort to ensure that my HTML is clean, correct and standards compliant. Currently, the site is written in HTML 4.01 Transitional. An older version of the site is also here.

Future Plans

I hope to buy a new computer, install Red Hat 8.0 on it and run my site off there. This of course requires time, determination and money. I have the second but I don't have the other two. I'm working towards them. I hope to convert my site to either HTML 4.01 Strict or XHTML 1.0. Finally, I want to sumbit this URI to google (and get it accepted). I've tried before - but it hasn't worked.

There are other, non-technical aspects I wish to improve as well. I hope to include more graphics on my site as well as an improved color scheme. In addition, I am sure the layout and setup can be improved. I hope to work on it a bit everyday. Finally, I want to add more content. Hopefully a GNOME 2 development tutorial (I am currently learning to use the GTK API) and other interesting links. I have noticed a marked lack of GNOME 2 development help out there and I hope to help others who face the same daunting task I do.

If you're interested in Linux, Libranet or GNOME, you can email me at: georgeal(AT)