::GNOME 2 Screenshots

Gnome 2 Screenshots

Below are my GNOME 2 screenshots. Some have been taken on my computer at home. Some from my sister's computer. I work on a Libranet box, my sister runs Red Hat. But beyond that - it's the same gnome :)

My Computer - GARNOME on Debian

Sister's Computer - Red Hat Limbo

Other Computer - Red Hat (null)

First a little background. (null) is the third beta in a series that everyone knows will be the next Red Hat 8.0. So what can I say? Wow! Yes - WOW. Now, you ask - why do I say that? Linux distros used to put all the apps together and throw em at you. This was great for power users but not so great for everyone else. Red Hat has chosen sensible defaults, done a beautiful job of GNOME2 integration, simplified the default look and feel so that the desktop is extremely usable and navigable for the end user. They've made a default theme for GNOME, XMMS (can you believe it?), Mozilla and KDE. This means that users can go to any app and feel comfortable. They're using a default icon set that they've created. It looks pretty good :) Although I myself prefer the GNOME stock icons. All in all an amazing improvement and a solid distro! People are very excited about this one :) And so, now on to the screenshots (I'll be adding more):

If you're interested in Linux, Libranet or GNOME, you can email me at: georgeal(AT)