::All About Me

All About The Man Behind The Page

There is no man. I'm just a very intelligent robot.

Ok, seriously, there is a guy but he prefers to meld into the background.

My name is georgeal or aageorge (one of the two). I am currently studying Computer Engineering (Software Engineering Option) in the University of Waterloo, Waterloo ON. I am an avid Linux and GNOME 2 user, so, if you want to get into my good books - talk about those ;) I am currently extremely interested in Software development and am hoping to help the GNOME project out by working on Nautilus. Unfortunately, it is a very difficult thing to get started on, so I haven't had much success yet. I am a moderator on the Gnome Support Forums and a member of the Waterloo Aerial Robotics Group. I am finding recently however, that WARG has not captured my interest and I am thinking of abandoning it. I have never abandoned a project, so it pains me to say this. The only known pictures of me online are buried somewhere in my church's web pages. If you locate the picture you get a non-existent cookie. I'm a member of the IEEE, the student's branch of the PEO, the Electronic Frontier Foundation and a current subscriber to the Red Hat Network.


Everyone has likes and dislikes. Its part of what defines our character, its part of what people remember about you. Sometimes, one's likes and dislikes are based on something quantifiable, sometimes its just a feeling that "I don't like this". Its unidentifiable - but its just as powerful. So, like everyone else, I too have my personal likes and dislikes. I'll concentrate for now on movies, music and books. Maybe later I'll expand into other avenues. Maybe...


I'm a big movie fan. I watch movies when I have the time and I dislike watching movies piecemeal. I think that destroys the flavor of the movie. Like everyone else, I've watched the gamut of moviedom. I've seen movies I sincerely believe should never have left the mind of whoever was stoned enough to concoct them, movies that were so-so (timewasters) and truly exceptional movies. Some of my favorites movies may not be exceptional - but they appeal to me for whatever reason. So, without further ado, here are some of my favorites (in no particular order)!

I truly believe that we are headed towards a dystopian future. Unfortunately, I also believe that we aren't going to be able to stop this...

On the subject of movie dislikes.... Movies I truly hate are:


Well, my music tastes are a bit off... More accurately, they are all over the place. I like heavy metal, dance and classical... Some bands/artists I like are:

I also listen to a whole smattering of other stuff in dance/euro. There are a lot of one-hit wonders out there...

If you're interested in Linux, Libranet or GNOME, you can email me at: georgeal(AT)