Engineering Systems Administrator Group


The purpose of the Engineering Systems Administrator Group is to facilitate discussion on technical issues related to computing within the faculty. The members of the Engineering Systems Administrator Group are the primary communication link between Engineering Computing and the Academic Departments on technical plans and operational issues related to all aspects of computing within the faculty. The committee is advisory to the Engineering Computing Committee (ECC) through the Associate Dean for Computing.


The purpose of the Engineering Systems Administrator Group is to facilitate discussion of technical issues related to computing in the faculty. This includes the following areas:

1. Computing Platforms - development, support, hardware and software installation and upgrades.

2. Networking - network planning and monitoring, including cabling and wiring.

3. Departmental Issues - discussion of departmental issues and how they relate to faculty plans and operational issues.

4. Campus issues - discussion and feedback on campus plans and initiatives with respect to its impact on Engineering.


Membership is to include one system administrator from each of the Academic Departments, three representatives from Engineering computing, one representative from IST, and the Associate Dean for Engineering Computing, as an ex officio member. The chair will be a member of Engineering Computing on a one year, rotating basis. 1999 membership is as follows:

Architecture: Marlon Griffith
Civil Engineering: Mike Herz
Chemical Engineering: Dennis Herman
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Bernie Roehl
Mechanical Engineering: Steve Hitchman
Management Sciences: Paul Martin
Systems Design Engineering: Mahindra Sangar
Engineering Computing: Ray White
Erick Engelke
Martin MacLeod
IST: Steve Carr
E&CE: Paul Ludwig
Associate Dean for Computing, ex officio: Hector Budman

Permanent Guests:

These are non-voting members.

Electrical and Computer Engineering: Paul Ludwig, Eric Praetzel
Electrical and Computer Engineering: Paul Ludwig
Mechanical Engineering: Peter Routledge

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